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Contemporary is modern way of dancing, which is based on ballet technique as most of the dances. Contemporary takes a little bit of other dance styles as well such as isolation and improvisation accompanied by floor work and another techniques.

Classes are versatile, we can discover our „inner dancer“ and freedom of the movement or we can enjoy commercial way of contemporary and dance to R’n’B and pop music.

Little workout is based during the class and after finished with stretching and relaxing.

Classes are hold in English language.


What to take with:

Comfortable clothes (important is to feel good)

> You are allowed to bring your own bottle of water.

> Dance shoes or socks (I recommend cotton)


Application form for 3-months course >>> HERE.

Booking for open class  >>> HERE.


Classes are taking place according to schedule.


If you're interested, please book your place at least one day ahead. According to low participation (less than 5 people) I am allowed to cancel class. I'll let you know via phone or mail in advance. Thank you for understanding.