Classes of Ballet Babies are considered to be the first step for the beautiful and harmonious world of Dance. These classes are dedicated to kids from 3 years old. 

Clases will be lead by professional ballet dancer Chiara Riolo from Italy.
This course lasts 3 months and will be in English 
(suitable specially for foreigners).

The main goal of our teaching methods is giving them the ballet basics through joy and passion to make dance a lovely, magic and unforgettable experience. We will give your child the chance to dance, make friends, experience new challenges and gain confidence with their body and with others.

We take care of your kid in a safe, welcoming and interactive enviroment. They will learn the ballet discipline through play, fun and last but not least music!! They will experience their senses through different methods and materials , which will lead them to fill their body and their inner abilities. They will learn how to dance in a group but especially how to express their own personal and unique way of dancing!!
Classes will be hold every FRIDAY from 5:30 to 6:15 PM.


3 MONTHS course

September - December, January - March, April - June

1.900 CZK