Hello my ENGLISH speaking dance lovers! Long time, no see, right?
There is a lot of you, who are interested in my classes, thank you.
I could't leave it like that, so here is the deal!

I've prepared for you intensive dance workshop for this fall season called FALL INTO DANCE. (Smart, right?)
First class will be on weekend (6/11 or 7/11).
There will be 4 classes - each class will be focused on different dance style:

  • contemporary
  • musical (broadway special)
  • modern jazz
  • R'n'B (sexy, maybe in heels)

Each class will last 90 minutes including warm up in each style, stretching, little work out, dance technique and choreo.
Workshop is perfect for 16 yrs old and more dancers. It's good to have a little bit of a dance training also.
Price for this special month is 1.000 czk.

BUT! I will need your help. I am only free on weekends.

So would you rather have class on Saturday before noon (let's say 10 am) or Sunday evening (6 pm?).
Please let me know by filling non - binding application bellow. (you can cross both options)

Thank you very much! Cannot wait to meet you all! 😍😍