Musical Dance are open classes for everyone who enjoys musical hits from classics such as Chicago, West Side Story, Cabaret and more.

The lessons will be full of jazz and a bit of stage dance. We're going to play big Broadway stars!

Lessons are conducted in English. I can guarantee you that you will sweat and switch off completely when dancing.

We always start with a gentle warm up of the body. During the class, we strengthen the so-called problem areas (abdomen, thighs and buttocks) and at the end we show gratitude to our bodies with stretching and relaxation.

You can look forward to dance exercises that strengthen the center of the body, which is important for mastering most dance movements. Then you will jump, kick your feet and turn multiple turns, with no problem.

For each class it's NECESSARY to book a place.



Open class

thursday at 8PM

150 CZK

Individual class (60 min.)

by appointment

500 CZK